Bieber and Gaga: Doing Anything for the Fans?

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Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/MCT. Lady Gaga

In the past weeks, two world famous pop superstars belted out way more than a hit song.
On Sept. 29, Justin Bieber vomited onstage in the middle of one of his songs during the opening performance of his Believe tour. Soon after in early October, fashionista and “mother monster” Lady Gaga threw up four times during a performance of “The Edge of Glory” during a performance in Barcelona.
The funny thing is – Gaga tends to preach about being original, about being yourself. It makes me wonder why she chose to vomit so soon after Bieber chose to make “Bieber-fever” a literal thing.
Bieber tweeted after his show, “And…Milk was a bad choice! Lol.” Could the beloved boy-toy be a victim of the all-too-terrible condition known as lactose intolerance? Or does he simply watch too much Anchorman? Just like the everlasting mystery of the Tootsie Roll Pop, the world may never know.
Gaga debuted a meat dress that same night – I can’t help but wonder if the dress was spoiled in some way, or if Gaga accidentally took a bite out of that instead of her scheduled meal.  Adding to my suspicions, Gaga brushed the whole thing off with a simple tweet linking her followers to a YouTube clip of her vomiting. “Was praying nobody saw but actually its [sic] quite a good laugh if u need one!”
Lactose intolerance, government conspiracy, accidental dress ingestion, or simply a stomach bug – concertgoers should plan on bringing an umbrella for their next outing if this becomes a trend.