Debates for AP Comp Students During Block Scheduling

NAUGATUCK – Naugatuck High School has been under a block schedule for the past few weeks which means that students only have to take 4 classes a day for about 84 minutes a day rather than their 8 period schedule for about 45 minutes. Teachers have been preparing students in different ways juxtaposing their normal methods. Mr. John Carino, the AP Composition teacher at the high school, has been organizing debates for his AP students in order to show them Aristotle’s rhetorical¬†methods that will prepare them for their test in May.

Mukti Niha (Left) and Sarah Lyons (Right) wait in anticipation for the final results.

The debate on Thursday, March 27th pertained to the issue of whether the US Federal government should reduce the number of nuclear weapons on US soil. The affirmative which was represented by juniors Mukti Niha and Sarah Lyons argued that nuclear weapons be reduced and restricted thereby reducing government costs in the future, accidents, human life risks thereby securing a feeling of safety within the country and towards other countries. The girls brought up references to the tragedy at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the people who were “killed by the blast” as stated by Niha. Niha continued with solutions ¬†of finding “research on nuclear reduction” which included slowly releasing nuclear waste on an uninhabited island.

Winners Lacie Dube (Left) and Danielle D’Oliveira (Right) feel accomplished after the debate.

The negative, represented by juniors Lacie Dube and Danielle D’Oliveira reciprocated with arguments that showed how international support systems like NATO, which is composed of 28 nations, use checks and balance systems in order to add a feeling of safety around the world. Their arguments pertaining to environmental and financial issues also overpowered the affirmative’s point. At the conclusion of the debate, Mr. Carino and the AP Comp class ruled in favor of the negative.Mr. Carino stated at the end that both sides had great points but the negative’s points were stronger for the debate.

Culinary Competition 2014

NAUGATUCK – On Thursday March 27th, 2014, the Naugatuck High School culinary students prepared their best dishes to be judged by a select group of the school’s teachers and faculty members. Candids of the event can be viewed below:


Sean Brunswick (Left) and Tara Mahoney (Right) preparing for the competition


Prepared ingredients


Shane Harrison (Left) and Taylor Bennett (Right) preparing for the competition


Chicken preparation


Food preparation


Desserts awaiting to be served


Pardee’s Last Supper