Woodland football’s kicker supports feminism

lauren charette2This year, sophomore Lauren lauren charette3Charette, joined Woodland High School’s football team as their first-ever female kicker.

“The team treats me really well. I haven’t gotten any negativity from anyone on my team, but from others outside of school, yes, I have,” said Charette.

Recently, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, spoke before the United Nations regarding gender equality and feminism in order to promote HeForShe, a national campaign to involve men in the gender equality movement.

Charette considers herself to be a feminist, as well as a supporter of Emma Watson’s campaign to achieve gender equality.

She explained that women should be given the same rights as men because “people shouldn’t be treated differently based on the gender that they are.”

Naugatuck High School’s faculty also responded positively toward Watson’s promotion of the campaign HeForShe.

Janice Saam, principal at NHS, is only the second female principal at the high school. She not only supports feminism, but also feels very strongly regarding equality in our society.

“People often assume that the male must be the role of authoritative power. I don’t think gender, race, or religion should impact equality.”

Athletic Director and Dean of Students Thomas Pompeii considers himself to be a feminist. “My loving mother, beautiful wife, and precious little girl are the most important women in my life. I want the world to see them like I see them,” Pompeii said.

Watson made a powerful impact when she spoke before the United Nations in New York City recently.

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