In My Opinion: Should Mid-Term Exams Stay?

By Eni Katrini
Staff Writer

The subject of mid-terms has never really been a problem as most people just take them. Aside from the excessive complaining by students, we just take mid-terms to get them over with, with no thought about why we do.
Lately with all the school renovations, the school is trying to test out new ideas and see how they work. For example, next year there most likely will not be anymore Silent Sustained Reading time. The other big event on the school’s chopping block is mid-term exams. The district is thinking of eliminating mid-terms and just having one final exam at the end of the year. While, at first this thought sounds like a great idea and you get excited, you start to realize what this reallly means.
The mid-term exam test consists of everything that you have learned from the beginning of the year up to that point, an awesome way to end the first semester. Eliminating the mid-term exam would give students one less exam to worry about. But, most importantly, think about what would happen for the final. With the mid-term gone, all the material that you have learned from the beginning of the year up to the end and everything in between would all be compiled into one huge final exam. Who would want to have to remember everything from the year? Can you imagine the size of that study guide?
When asked about the proposal to do away with mid-terms, sophomore Emily Griffen replied, “I wouldn’t want to get rid of mid-terms. I would want them to stay because then on the final I wouldn’t have to remember the whole year.”
Of course, students wouldn’t get out of doing something big mid-year for a grade.
“I’m sure that instead of having mid-terms, they would replace it with some sort of big PBA that would count as a mid-term grade. You can’t get out of it that easily.” says foreign language teacher Mrs. Tata.
According to her, the school is thinking about getting rid of the mid-term but still wants to have some sort of project that would count as 10% of the overall grade. In a sense, schools aren’t completely getting rid of the mid-term, but instead replacing it with something else, which could be better, but it might also be worse. Perhaps the school system should just leave things the way they are as they have been working fine for so many years. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

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