All Things Being Equal?

Last month, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson spoke to the United Nations in New York City promoting the campaign “HeForShe.” The ongoing campaign is one that is working to get men involved in the feminism movement and the fight for gender equality.

But what does NHS believe about equality?IMG_0080

“I believe that the only thing that separates men from women is a women’s ability to become pregnant,” English teacher John Carino said, adding that he considers himself a feminist. “Women are sometimes put in a place of submission. I try to help young ladies who have been harassed.”

NHS Athletic Director Thomas Pompei also considers himself to be a feminist. In Emma Watson’s speech, she describes how women are often paid less than men, even if they perform a job identical to their male co-workers. “I believe that women should most definitely receive equal pay,” said Pompei.The athletic director pointed out that some women who also serve as an athletic director may receive less pay, not because of their gender but merely based on the teacher’s contract and salary structure, such as in towns like Wolcott or Watertown.

Principal Janice Saam said, “I don’t think gender, race or religion should impact equality. As long as you’re qualified for the job, you should be paid accordingly.” Saam also stated how even though she considers herself to be a feminist (especially after Emma Watson’s re-definition of the word) she hasn’t really received the chance to necessarily “promote” it, however, she said, “Every opportunity that I have to correct someone’s perception that might be faulty, I will do so.”

Students also had plenty to say about feminism. Junior Amanda Valentin considers herself to be a feminist. “If men get involved, it would make feminism stronger. Not just women can fight for equality,” she said.

Junior Brianna Durante doesn’t see any difference between the genders. “I believe that women have just as many rights as men and can do anything men can do,” she said.

“I believe in equal rights,” said Senior Smay Joseph. “What’s the difference between men and women?”

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