NHS anticipates ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ premier

The film premieres June 6. Photo courtesy of thefaultinourstars.com

The film premieres June 6. Photo courtesy of thefaultinourstars.com

By Norma Fayad

NHS Greyhound


All over Instagram® and Twitter® people have been buzzing about The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. This book-turned-film has even been audaciously called this generation’s Breakfast Club. The movie premieres June 6and many trailers have already been released, with the hashtag #tfios becoming popular on many media sites.

The official trailer has had more than 18 million views on YouTube. The official The Fault In Our Stars movie fansite is advertising “The Night Before The Stars” as a midnight premier on June 5. Ticket holders can get reserved seats through the website for any theaters nearby. The cast of the movie includes Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Willem Dafoe, Nat Wolff and Emily Peachey.

The Fault In Our Stars follows the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenager diagnosed with lung cancer who meets the boy of her dreams, Augustus Waters, in a cancer support group. The two fall into a comedic yet romantic love and spend their potentially fleeting time together exploring the larger issues of life.
Many of the faculty and students at Naugatuck High School who have read the novel had very pleasant observations about the book and their expectations about the film.

“I love it! I read it four times when I got it, it made me cry on a train in Europe cause that’s where I was reading it,” said sophomore English teacher Ms. Moutinho. “I’m going to the early screening on Thursday.”

Moutinho wasn’t the only staff member who loved the novel.

“I think it was fabulous, made me cry and laugh at the same time,” said media specialist Mrs. Coretto.

English teacher Mrs. Messenger shared her sentiments.

“I think it’s a beautiful book that offers great insight into teenagers and love,” she said.

Students also seemed to love the novel and its messages about life. “I recommend reading it 6 or 7 or 100 times,” said freshman Lauren Stankiewicz.

But how will this novel translate into a movie?

“I’m nervous but excited,” said junior Sarah Hanks, “because I always get nervous when they make my favorite books into movies!”

Others shared her nervousness.

“It could be really cool unless they change it so much that it doesn’t make sense or that it isn’t the same thing as the book,” said Stankiewicz.

“I think that it would be good but, some movies don’t always come out as good as the books,” said Nicole Boldue, a sophomore.

Coretto agreed. “I would like to see how they portray the author from the book in the novel and not sugarcoat the movie what so ever,” she said.

Messenger felt a film could bring more people to the book.

“I think that as a movie, it might reach more people and they’ll read the book as a result, and that’s always a good thing,” she said.

Not only are people planning to attend, but some are even committed to the midnight showing June 5.

“Yes, I’m going to the midnight premier,” replied Hanks. She plans to see it many times, “until I run out of tears!”

Moutinho and Messenger are still considering whether or not they will go. “I’m really excited, and I hope they do a good job,” said Moutinho.

With the popularity of this novel increasing due to its big screen premiere, would teachers ever consider this novel for their curriculum?

“It must be read by all high school students and all students in general actually,” said Coretto.

Moutinho agreed. “If I could find a sensible way, I would. If it makes sense with what I’m teaching, I’d definitely use it,” she said.

NHS Renovations: May 2013

Nick Grosso, Matt Bode and Brandon Shemanski
Staff Writers/Photographers

It’s quite obvious that the high school has been under renovation for a month and lots of IMG_0233progress has been made on the field. The field was torn up and flattened to prepare the dirt for the Astroturf©. The drainage

system has also been repaired and construction crews are making sure the field is ready for the football team next year.

Progress has also been made on the patio and new offices are being built. Crews have framed the area and redirected foot traffic. Near the gymnasium entrance, new pipes are being installed.

The Greyhound Games: A Film by Preston Bogan

The Greyhound Games

Join Preston as he explores what Naugatuck High School would be like if the borough offered up “tributes” once a year. Starring Nick Tribanas, Alyssa Drone, Julia Santos and Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Messenger. There is also a delightful cameo appearance by French exchange student Amélie Franzen.

Students Find Opportunity at NHS College Fair

By Preston Bogan
Staff Writer

NAUGATUCK –  On Tuesday morning, sophomores and juniors at Naugatuck High School were invited to attend a College Fair in the cafeteria.
Students were given free reign throughout the cafeteria where 66 representatives from colleges, tech schools, beauty schools, and the military set up booths filled with information.
At one of these booths, Junior Megan McSweeney talked with a representative while Juniors Jason Begin and Elizabeth Walsh waited patiently behind her.

“I find it [college fair] very useful,” said a bright and cheerful


Megan McSweeney talks with college representatives at the NHS College Fair April 9.


Jason Begin and Elizabeth Walsh look on as Megan McSweeney talks with a college representative at the fair Tuesday.

McSweeney. “Last year I wanted to be a music major, so there wasn’t a lot of schools around, but now that I’m intending to be a chemical engineering major, there are lots of useful schools here.”
Walsh also finds it useful. “Yes, it’s useful, but I don’t have a school yet, but a lot of my back up choices are here, none of my top schools though.”
When I asked about her top schools, Walsh had a lot to say. “They have a wide range of schools here, but no prestigious schools. Granted, Yale won’t come, but that second tier of schools isn’t here.”
Jason Begin also had complaints about how local most of the schools at the fair are.
“A college fair was held  last weekend in Hartford, so we knew the schools were going to be in the area,” Says Mr. Staib, NHS career coordinator who helped to set up this year’s college fair.
With college just around the corner, the emotions tied to leaving high school differ. McSweeney is more excited than nervous. “It’s overwhelming, but for now it’s pretty exciting!”
Walsh has a different perspective on things.
“Yeah I’m nervous. My grades suck. Hopefully they understand that I didn’t have a perfect semester.”

Spreading Awareness of Cystic Fibrosis

NAUGATUCK – Speaker Lauren Brenneman and her son Isaac both have cystic fibrosis, a hereditary disease that affects the lungs.  Recently, they came to speak at Naugatuck High School to offer informatLauren and Isaacion and to support Biology teacher Beth Rojas as she organizes a team to walk for CF.
YouTube Video: Cystic Fibrosis
CF is the most common fatal genetic disorder in the U.S. and there is no federal funding.  The Great Strides walk is an annual event to raise funds – 90% go toward research at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
The Great Strides walk this year is scheduled for Sunday, May 19 in Southbury.  For more info click below.

Groundbreaking Signals Start of NHS Renovation


By Evelyn Rinaldi
Staff Writer

NAUGATUCK – Members of the Naugatuck Board of Education, Naugatuck High School faculty, and the borough administration gathered to commence the NHS renovation project by breaking ground in front of the school building this morning.

VIDEO: Groundbreaking


School and borough officials break ground in front of the high school this morning. (Staff photo by Evelyn Rinaldi)

Board Chairman David Heller stated that the board determined to keep the project “on schedule, on task and within budget.”

“I’m excited to see my vision for Naugatuck High School begin,” said N

HS principal Janice Saam.

Mayor Bob Mezzo thanked all of those who are involved in the renovation p

roject, because it is a huge investment in the advancement of the community’s future.

When school closes for spring break, crews will be working on the sports fields beginning April 15. The first phase of the project, which currently includes work on the gymnasiums and the locker rooms, will be completed by January 2014.

The three-year project has been designed and is being overseen by New Britain architectural firm Kaestle Boos Associates. The renovations will cost $81 million, with about 75% of the cost being reimbursed through a state program.

Construction firm O&G Industries will be on school grounds starting April 2 as they create temporary teaching spaces and work on the athletic fields. Once completed, some new features of the school will include:

  • A new front entrance for the school with new administrative offices, replacing the patio and converting the current administration area into teaching space.
  • An expanded gymnasium area that will move lockers and weight-lifting facilities out of the basement.
  • New synthetic athletic fields and a new track.
  • Renovations to all classrooms and common areas.
  • New office space for the borough’s Board of Education.