CES 2015: From Food Printers to Mind Controlled race cars.

CES stands for consumer electronics show and there was indeed plenty of electronics there. So as you probably guessed there are tons of crazy things too. The things you wouldn’t find anywhere else like the gaming shoes or maybe even Rocket Skates. CES 2015 was truly a great show that showed me things I didn’t even know I wanted until now.

The tech at CES was clearly the pull of the event, there could be a list pages long of everything that was there, but I have to say some of the highlights had to have been:


“XYZPrinting Announces Two New 3D Food Printers Coming Next Year.” 3DPrintcom. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Jan. 2015.

XYZ printings food printer, the printer that really brings the future to the present. In your dreams of the future there was always some super cool way of getting food efficiently this is clearly the way. Although it may cost a pretty penny, the printing company says that consumers can start printing food in their homes later this year for under 2000$, but who doesn’t want to print food?

Another highlight would be a distraction to children 10 and under. A recently announced shoe by Sketchers called Gamekicks. The shoe has one model for boys and two for girls (white or pink), featuring six buttons the shoe has a color matching game for kids to entertain themselves with.

And who can forgot racing toy cars… with your mind. Yes, the company Emotiv has come up with a way for your nostalgic RC car to be raced with your mind. Apparently run by positive racing thoughts and the small device placed on your head you too can make your car go. No release date for this yet but we can only hope its soon.

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“IGN Conversations – Witness the Magical Levitating Bluetooth Speaker – CES 2015 – IGN Video.” IGN. N.p., 08 Jan. 2015. Web. 15 Jan. 2015

If your at CES you also may encounter a levitating wireless Bluetooth speaker. This guy here floats on a small cushion of air and gently spins while you listen to your favorite music. Its run on a rechargeable battery that when fully charged gets around 6 hours of battery life. Clearly one of the coolest speakers around.

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