FAQs: NHS Renovation

Q: When will the work on the high school start?

A: Work will begin April 1, with the groundbreaking ceremony will be held April 2 at 9 a.m. Then the construction work will actually begin in the sports fields, addition of boys’ locker room, the front of the pool area and gym to accommodate the natatorium, weight room, dance studio and pool locker room as well as enclosing a portion of the patio.   Over April

Resource Center of NHS.

Students work in the Resource Center. (Staff Photo)

break, asbestos abatement will begin in the current girl’s locker room area as well as moving the girls’ athletics and PE locker room down to the basement.  This summer, work will begin inside the building with asbestos removal in certain classrooms and wings and the Goodyear.

Q. Will I be able to come to the high school during the summer?
A: No. State law does not permit anyone under 18 years old on or around the high school during asbestos removal. Asbestos has been found to cause different types of cancer, and removing it from our building will take planning and time.

Q: Where is the money coming from?
A:  The town approved an $81 million dollar referendum to finance the project.  Most of the project will receive a 75% reimbursement from the State of CT.

Q: Where will the sports events be held while the field are renovated?
A: Athletic Director Tom Pompei has been planning for the relocation of and transportation to other nearby schools as well as the use of the town field. According to Mr. Pompei, the following will be in effect:
-All NHS baseball/softball at Rotary/Breen fields
-City Hill baseball/softball at Union City fields
-Track practices at NHS; meets away
– Tennis at NHS
-Girls Swimming at Woodland High School
-Soccer/Football – turf at NHS should be ready

Q: How will the renovations affect the students as they go through their day?
A:  Hopefully minimally.  Temporary classrooms will be assigned for each semester and it will be indicated on the student’s schedule.  There will be minor inconveniences, but education should have little to no disruption.
Q: What about issues regarding safety?
A:  Safety is always at the forefront of our planning.  All workers reporting to the site will be vetted by the contractor and will display IDs.  There should be no contact between workers and students at any time.  Areas under construction will be separated from the other parts of the school so there will be no access to that area by students or staff.

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