Naugatuck Need a Place for Teens by Brianna Durante and Alexa Blazas

Naugatuck Needs a Place for Teens

            Current teenagers in Naugatuck High School certainly remember watching movies and shows such as iCarly when they were younger.  In this show, for example, the afterschool hang out spot was the Groovy Smoothie.  In many teen movies and shows, there is a similar place where the characters would always meet up with friends after school.  Unfortunately for Naugatuck, this idea exists only in the movies and shows.  It’s time that changed.

After school, many high school students have no place they can go to hang out with their friends that is free and safe.  There is the YMCA, but it is geared more towards athletes.  In addition, you cannot enter the building for free.  Many teens will also walk to the green after school to hang out there.  However, they are often scolded for loitering.  Also, the green is not very safe considering there is no supervision.  Of course, there are also many places such as Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s in town.  Nevertheless, one can’t simply sit there without having to purchase something.

Due to the lack of places to hang out, “many teenagers revert to dangerous and harmful behavior” assistant principal Eileen Mezzo states.  Naugatuck needs a facility dedicated to teens as a place they can go for free to simply hang out and have a good time with their friends in a safe environment.  Please, support Alexa Blazas and I, Brianna Durante, in our Civic Action Project to create this facility in our town.

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