New Classrooms at Naugatuck High School

New English Classroom

New English Classroom

Written By: Jared Rhodes & Samantha Sbat

The construction has changed everything for the Naugatuck staff and students. The new classrooms in particular have drawn the attention of teachers, as well as students. Many teachers have wondered what the new classrooms would look like. Now that most of the new classrooms are done we sought out teachers in new classrooms to ask about how they feel the new features. Teachers, including Assistant principle Eileen Mezzo, have many positive things to say about the new rooms and offices, but also have a few concerns.

We went around to many different hallways, and first sat down with Jose Sendra, a Spanish teacher at the school. He had positive things to say, “My favorite thing is the counter. I’m being serious; it keeps me organized.” However he also had some negative feedback, saying, “The new interactive system has been downgraded, we went from a Mercedes to a Chevy”, he said. All in all he loved the bright color, desks, and chairs including his. “This is great for students.”

Gena Spiller, chair of the science department, also had positive things to say as well. When talking about her favorite part of the new classroom, Spiller said, “The technology, and the interactive projector. I like the interactive boards better than the old smart boards. Because it allows you to do more things, and there’s so much more room.” Talking about the new faculty room made Spiller even happier, “Love it, allows my entire department tocometogether, and allows for the teachers to get out of their rooms instead of staying there for lunch.”

Michele Russell, math department chair, really liked the roomy storage of the new rooms. “I like all the storage cabinets; they’re nicer and neater. I like the interactive board, but I’m still learning.” Although she misses her old smart board, “I love the old ones, if they gave us a choice it would be the old ones.” When we asked about her least favorite part of her new classroom she replied. “The size of it, and how there’s only one window. I used to have two windows and it felt 


brighter. Other than that I love my new room, it’s a nice classroom environment.”

Carolyne Dymond, an English teacher at the school, talked to us too. Dymond’s room isn’t quite finished yet, but she had some positive feedback. “The storage, I love the storage, and the air conditioning.” Although Dymond had those beneficial things to say, the interactive boards concerned her. “I prefer the old one, these are difficult and sensitive, but maybe I need training.”


Eileen Mezzo, vice principle at Naugatuck High School. Loved her new office, “I love the new furniture, I love how spacious it is, I’m way more organized.” Mezzo had certain concerns, “I don’t like that I’m not near the kids, I used to be in castle where kids would stop by all the time. I feel that I’m isolated; I chose to work at a high school full of kids. Other than that I wouldn’t change the terrific job they did on my office.”


The new classrooms had some concerns, some teachers were satisfied with interactive boards and some weren’t. Although, with time many teachers will learn and be taught how to use these interactive boards. Other concerns teachers had were the classrooms being smaller, and not having an extra window or no window at all, like the Math and Spanish hallways. In the end there were a lot of positive attitudes about the new classrooms. Many of them loved the colors, the English teachers loved the brightness of their rooms, the storage cabinets, desks, and chairs. These classrooms have become a very good working environment for students as well as teaching environment for teachers. Naugatuck High School is becoming an even more great school for everybody.




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