Prepping for Prom: A Little Advice

By Angie DeRosa
Staff Writer

With senior prom being only days away everyone is running around in preparation. Finalizing outfit details, perfecting the-almost-real summer glow, a


Juniors Julia Santos, Julia Dias and Shannon Healy.

nd confirming hair, makeup and nail appointments. While you may feel additional stress about covering all the costs senior year has to offer, here are some tips to still have a memorable night while on a budget.
Don’t go Outfit Crazy
By now you probably already have a dress (if not, then what are you waiting for?) in which

case you most likely spent a ton of money on. To finish the outfit, make it easier on your wallet to not spend a fortune on shoes that will be off as soon as you hit the dance floor. AS for jewelry, instead of going for the real thing, stores like Forever 21 and H&M sell cost friendly pieces. It may be fake, but no one will be able to tell.
After Prom Plans Don’t Have to be Boring
Going to a part doesn’t have to everyone’s thing, but if you’re worried about dishing out any more money, don’t be! There are plenty of late night activities around the state like bowing and roller skating that offer discounts on their websites for groups. Some places even have Buy One Get One Free coupons for admission.
Salon vs. Drug Store Nails
Getting your nails done by a professional can get pretty pricey. A cheap and quick alternative can be nail kits that are available in stores like Wal-Mart and CVS. Brands such as Sally Hanson and Kiss offer a range of different designs with easy applications. But if you’re like me and would like to treat yourself to a mani and pedi look for salons that offer discounts on both.
Take Advantage of Crafty Friends and Family
Which appointment matters most to you? If you have friends or family who are talented with being great hairstylists and makeup artists use them instead! There are even countless of video tutorials on the internet that can help you prep yourself into looking like a celebrity. You’ll easily save $100 right off the bat.
To Tan or Not to Tan?
Not everyone can rock the Casper look. If tanning is essential, there are a variety of different self bronzers that are good for your skin and get you darker in just a matter of days. Some tanning salons like What A Tan on Rubber Avenue offer special prom deals for students as well.

Ditch the Limo – Drive yourselves
Although the idea of having your own driver in a fancy car is appealing, limos are really expensive and can add up. The diver will only take you from point A to B and back at specific timing. If you drive yourself you would not only save, but also be able to go wherever and whenever you wanted.
Know Your Budget
Save money when you can. Choose the less expensive route if possible. Money won’t define your night. Enjoying your last prom with your friends is priceless.

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