Review: Third Eye Blind

By Gabrielle Wilson

Album Review: Third Eye Blind’s Self-Titled
Throwback Thursday: Third Eye Blind
Release Date: April 8th, 1997
Label: Elektra Records

Songs to Check Out: Thanks a Lot, I Want You, The Background

Taking it back to classic 90’s alt-rock, you really can’t bring up the genre without mentioning Third Eye Blind’s eponymous debut album. I don’t care if I was only two years old when this album came out; it is still amazing and highly influential for a reason. If you know someone who doesn’t automatically start singing “do do do, do do do do” when they hear Semi-Charmed Life, punch them in the face. From this album spawned three chart-topping singles: Semi-Charmed Life, Jumper, and How’s It Going to Be; and the album is certified 6x platinum. From the opening of “Losing a Whole Year” to the closing of “God of Wine”, the listener is completely entranced and I can never help the feeling of wanting to dance, jumping up and down to ‘London” or beautiful lyrical dance to “I Want You”. Not only are the melodies wonderfully composed, so are the lyrics: lead singer Stephan Jenkins has the ability to make you feel happy and sad and in love and depressed all in one album. “”The village churchyard is filled with bones weeping in the grave/The silver lining of clouds shines on people Jesus couldn’t save”, from I Want You, never fails to make me upset in the most beautiful way. Fifteen years later, we will forever jam Semi-Charmed Life whenever we watch American Pie for the hundredth time or scream “I WISH YOU WOULD STEP BACK FROM THAT LEDGE, MY FRIEND” during road trips and I am perfectly okay with this.

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