Shockingly, the Protests Continue

Written by Jared Rhodes

Shockingly, the protests continue. The riots in Ferguson, Missouri  still continue from the day of  August 9, 2014. Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson should’ve gotten indicted of killing an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown because he allegedly fled the scene of the store and Darren Wilson claims that Brown attacked him. But really? if Michael Brown steals from a store, he gets shot by a police officer? If Michael Brown was a white teenager he wouldn’t get shot by an officer, probably will just get arrested. But for me as an African-American teenager I would still protest from this day and fight for more justice for Michael Brown because, now former Officer Darren Wilson, resigned on November 30,2014 because the protesting was unrelenting. Some cars and buildings were on fire and National Guard got involved too with tear gassing and arresting many people. Schools were canceled because the town of Ferguson were just a huge mess happening. Of course people in Ferguson would do those crimes is because that was wrong that Wilson shot Brown.

But early on Thursday morning, March 12, 2015, two officers were shot by an unknown person,  after guarding the Ferguson Police Station Headquarters. One of the officers, a 32-year-old with seven years experience in law enforcement was shot in the cheek. The other officer, a 41-year-old from St. Louis County Police with fourteen years experience in law enforcement was shot in the shoulder. Both Officers were released from the hospital later that day.

This happened after the next day, Chief of Ferguson Police Department Thomas Jackson announced that he will be resigning, effective March 19. The reason why he is resigning is because The Federal Justice Department found racist jokes being sent in emails by Ferguson police officers and the chief is taking the blame for that. Of course the chief would resign because he can’t handle the protesting and the officers made racist jokes on their email. They don’t care about Black lives. Really, are you kidding me?  Is it because Michael Brown was Black and everyone thinks that only black folks are bad people. The reason why the person shot the two officers is because since Michael didn’t get his justice, thats the revenged from the protesters. I mean yes this situation was wrong that the person shot those officers, but I would think that was revenged back. But this investigation is still ongoing, Police have now identified the suspect, 20 Year old American- African Jeffrey Williams, His side of the story is the police officers were not his target. There is a big tension across the world between police officers and young black teenager. Ferguson is a small town and this situation was all over the United States.


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