The Amazing Teacher and the Necessary Advocate

By Mariah Meiklem

Naugatuck High School has so many different teachers and administrators who are so, actively engaged in their students’ lives on a daily basis. In and outside the classroom students can find assistance. I know this better than anyone because, I rely on quite a few of them. There is one person who I truly admire and respect for her passion and dedication to teaching, Mrs. Messenger.

I like to think of myself as a self-sufficient student, I am strong and determined once I put my mind to doing something it is almost as if it starts to consume me. That ambition and drive has been built up by the endless amount of support and opportunities Mrs. Messenger has given me.

Teachers give assignments to the class as a whole where in Mrs. Messenger class she allows the students to choose their own topic and express themselves freely. I am currently in her Journalism class, which is a given that she would allow her students to choose their own piece. Yet, I have also been in her Yearbook and English class where she also allowed us to speak freely. A lot of time I can throw any kind of idea to Messenger and it is as if she spins it into gold.

I can go to Mrs. Messenger with a very controversial topic that I do not necessarily agree with and she will give me a completely unbiased perception encouraging me to look more at the opposing sides of things but, also backing up my own personal feelings. To some students that just her doing her job to me that is a life lesson.

Teachers should have high expectations of their students and make it clear of what exactly those expectations are and since my sophomore year of high school Messenger has made hers crystal clear to me. One day she asked me a question that I could not quite wrap my head around to why she would ask me such thing. She asked me, “Would you consider me a good teacher?” This question truly took me by surprise because her I am in the past three years practically idolizing her coming to her every day in class and outside of class constantly asking her opinion which many times I would not consider asking another also coming to her for support with my organization as well and she would ask me of all students such a question. I was shocked and all I could think was great advocates and leaders often need recognition to understand the impact they have made. Which is a big reason why I wrote this article.

Mrs. Messenger you have been one of the most influential teachers I have ever had and being a senior in high school I have had my fair share. You obtain all of the qualities I look for most in a teacher. You are dependable, honest, trustworthy, loyal and honorable. I have never had a teacher who has put their student’s opinions and wishes before their own.

I truly appreciate everything you have done for myself and my fellow classmates and after talking to everyone I know that you’re leaving has impacted us all greatly but, we are all so very proud of you. Even though Naugatuck High School has lost one amazing teacher I know that you are going to do great at your new job and make as great of in impact you have here there.

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