The Experience of a Junior: Q&A with Jenna Massicotte


Jenna Massicotte working in the art room

The grades that make up high school determine how you feel and the experiences you have. When you are a Freshman, you are at the bottom of the totem pole and have little “rights.” You are the lower classmen to all the other grades, such as tenth through twelfth graders. When you become a sophomore, you are still pretty low on the totem pole and have two grades above you. When you reach junior year of high school, that is when you really can feel the “power” that comes with being an upper classman. When the new freshmen come into the building and need help finding classes, you become the person that teachers without a doubt will ask to help them out, and lower classmen tend to look up to you. Of course, again you are stuck between that strange middle ground of being a lower classman to the twelfth graders, a year above you, and an upper classman to the ninth and tenth graders below you. However, a sense of accomplishment is there when you realize that you have made it through two full school years in high school. To share more is Jenna Massicotte, a junior at Naugatuck High School.

Q: How does it feel to be a junior at Naugatuck High School?

A: It feels good to be older I guess. It feels good to kind have more reign and responsibility and ability to learn and kind of decide your future. It feels really good, it does. I really like the ability that I can decide my future.

Q: What has been the best part of your three years so far?

A: The best part of my three years is probably this year due to the fact that I have more responsibility. I’m not like some under classmen anymore. I have a lot of more opportunities to do sports.

Q: What do you most look forward to?

A: I look forward to the future, I look forward to getting out of high school and starting college and starting my life …

Q: If you had the chance to go back in time, what would you change in your high school experience?

A: I would take more classes freshman year, because right now in the past three years I have had a total of sixteen classes at the most, and that’s just not a lot. I think that I would have more opportunities to be able to learn more, because that’s what I enjoy doing.

Q:What have you liked most about high school in general?

A: I liked the people that I met! You know? I didn’t have to deal with the same trouble kids and I had the ability to take the classes that had kids surrounding me that were like me and had the same life choices, where they wanted more for themselves, and wanted to do something bigger in their community.

Q: What have you disliked about high school?

A: Disliked? There’s not a lot of electives here. There’s not a lot of choices to be a total individual and kind of move through your future.

Q: Has the construction at the school affected you in any way from freshman year to now?

A: It makes it kind of harder to get around but it doesn’t really affect me personally. Besides, I mean I would have been late anyways …

Q: What advice would you give freshman about surviving high school?

A: I would say don’t be afraid and be everything you want to be.


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