Undefeated Fighter Scared?

Written by James Dessureau

It’s finally happening the boxing match of the century as Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, with a record of 57-5-2, takes on undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather, who is 47-0, but why has this fight taken so long to take place?  This fight has been talked about for years but has yet to happen!

The delay in this fight has not only angered fans but also has lowered the quality of the fight as these fighters are no longer in their prime like they would’ve been back in 2010 when the fight became less of a hopeful fans dream and more of a reality.  Some may think 5 years isn’t that long but when you’re a part of a profession when you are hit in the head constantly it begins to take its toll.  While neither Pacquiao nor Mayweather have experienced any kind of major setback they know the end of their respective career is over with Mayweather at age 38 and Pacquiao at age 36.

The effects of this dangerous profession can best be seen when you look at former boxing heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, formerly known as Cassius Clay, who after a long and well talked about career now, sadly, suffers from Parkinson’s syndrome from all the head trauma he suffered throughout his years in the ring

Some people believe the fight has yet to happen because of money which would severely affect Mayweather want to fight but boxing has steadily declined as a whole as the years have passed and the fight has still sold $74 in tickets and is projected to make upwards of $400 million in total revenue making it the highest grossing combat sport event of all time.

It is many others as well as my belief that Floyd Mayweather is scared of fighting Manny Pacquiao and losing his first fight of his career. This fight if it was up to Manny Pacquiao would have happened a few times by now so why has it not?  I’m not Floyd Mayweather but if I was I wouldn’t be against fighting anyone let alone  the man who has challenged me and said he will beat me and that I’m scared to fight him.  Most athletes are very prideful especially professional fighters making these accusations very motivating for someone like Mayweather who has defeated any and all challengers.

Will this affect the fight on May 2nd probably not but you need to think this has given Manny Pacquiao a small confidence boost and that Floyd Mayweather has some belief that he actually might lose and he now has the excuse of age on his side.

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