Virtual High School


By Juniper Glidden

With the availability that almost everyone in modern society has to the advanced technology that is present in this time, the question of why schools are not using this to their advantage should be brought up.

There are now numerous programs in the country that provide all the high school courses necessary to receive a diploma virtually. These programs allow students to work at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home. Virtual high schools also offer the flexible learning times that students who need to work to support themselves or their family financially may need.

Most students in public schools have access to a computer and the internet at home. So if they they have the right accesses needed to participate in a virtual high school why not give them the opportunity to do so? Why are all public schools not offering the option of taking their classes online to all their students?

The reason is certainly not because students could not learn all they need to know from an online program. Virtual high school programs offer instructional videos for students to watch and access to certified online school teachers to properly educate students on all subjects and to clarify any questions they have.

As does everything in today’s society, the reason all public schools do not incorporate virtual schools comes down purely to money. It costs schools money to provide their students with access to these virtual schooling programs. Money that many public schools do not have.

However, there is a public high school that actually does have the money: Naugatuck High School. NHS recently received news that their $81 billion renovation project will be coming in under budget and that the school will have about $1.3 million left over to spend on other things to improve the school.

Since NHS has the money, why not invest it in an online high school program. It would better the students who want to complete their courses online and not limit the availability of the program to only students who need to recover credits as the school does now.

So how about instead of spending that money on outdoor furniture and additional bleachers that will be academically benefiting the students in no way, the money be used to invest in a virtual learning program to aid the students struggling to learn in the distracting school environment.

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